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Terry Heaton: Business Reinvention Specialist, strategist, author Reinventing Local Media, volumes I & II, blogger, speaker, philosopher (creator of Postmodern Journalism), futurist, visionary, Evokateur, industry iconoclast, adjunct professor (new media ethics), father of three girls, singer, songwriter, guitar, 5-string banjo, right-brainer and sports fan.

A note from Terry: We are in the midst of a cultural change of eonian proportions wherein people are increasingly masters of their own ship, and disruptive innovations threatening the status quo are driven by this demand. I call this change Postmodernism, while understanding that the term has different meanings to different people. My interpretation is simple and practical. The modern era, with its emphasis on logic and reason, is giving way to a new era that I call “The Age of Participation.”

Premodernism: “I believe, therefore I understand.
First Gutenberg moment (the printing press)

Modernism: “I think and reason, therefore I understand.
Second Gutenberg moment (Internet)

Postmodernism: “I participate, therefore I understand.

There are many other thinkers in the world today who've tapped a similar thread, although each has his or her own name for it. Among these are The big shift," as John Hagel calls it, Clay Shirky's "post Gutenberg economics," Jeremy Rifkin's "3rd industrial revolution," Martin Gurri's "the Fifth Wave, and many others. The point is we all see the same things, and if you have eyes to see, perhaps you will as well. Either way, I encourage you to join in the discussion, for this change that we're witnessing will touch everything in the 21st Century, and our task will be to reinvent everything when that happens. Every institution in the world will be impacted somehow. It might seem frightful to some, but, honestly, it's the most exciting time in communications' history.

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